Doctor Freud

Doctor Freud (illustration)
Doctor Freud, oh Doctor Freud
How is it I can avoid
Lustful thoughts and such distractions
Leading me to shameful actions?
Should I simply do my best
To keep these awkward thoughts repressed
Or might I seek amelioration
In a course of sublimation?
And is it true, when my tongue slips
In fact it’s a revealing dip
Deep into my dark unconscious
Proving me to be mendacious?
And Oedipus, I must confess
Has left us in a pretty mess
With his familial confusions
Causing such bizarre perversions!
And what about my awful id?
It seems to treat me like a kid
Resentful, angry, greedy, jealous
How to deal with it? Do tell us!
Copyright © 2018 Murray Ewing.