Hello, and welcome to my site. I’m Murray Ewing, and I create art and illustration using a combination of digital and… oh, what’s the word for non-digital…? Pencils! That’s it. I use pencils.

I like my work to combine imagination — whether it’s a fairy-tale sense of wonder, the dangerous edge of faerie, or the opti/pessi/mism of science fiction — with a more down-to-earth humanity, characters who feel real, with real reactions and real emotions, and with a genuine sense of individuality and dignity.

I like to bring a sense of playfulness and humour to what I do, and aim for a balance between cartoonish liveliness and an involving realism to make my pictures feel like they’re telling a story.

Have a look, and do contact me if you’d like a quote, or just want to ask me about pencils. (Though, please note, I don’t know a lot about pencils.)

— Murray

Some of my work...

I create full-colour artwork for a variety of purposes, including book and album covers. I also enjoy designing title lettering. See the gallery page for more.