Spacewreck moved, Citymusic coming

I’ve taken my Spacewreck project’s music files off this site and uploaded them to the Internet Archive, which means you can download the music in a variety of formats, or just listen online, all supported by a Creative Commons licence (go to Creative Commons Videos and scroll down to Get Creative for a good intro on what Creative Commons is all about). As I did this I realised it’s exactly 2 years to the day that I uploaded the Spacewreck portion of this site! I’m working on another music project (rather slowly) at the moment, called Citymusic (I like singlewordsquasheduptitles, I guess), which is in the polishing-off stage. This means, like all big projects, that it’s 95% finished, but 50% done. But it has a cover, at least, so here it is (largely thanks to a few quid spent at, who also provided the spooky house for my Halloween poem out of the spare change):


When it’s done, I’ll upload that to the Internet Archive, too. Meanwhile, I want to get this blog running again, but want to revive the comments capability first. I took them off last time because I was targeted by spammers, so I’m looking into ways to prevent spam without having to make people who want to comment have to jump through hoops and submit to a blood test first! I’ve found a couple of free services on the Hinterweb to help with this.

If this rambling post has any unifying theme, it’s that the internet has opened up so many creative possibilities. The Internet Archive offers free hosting for large music files, Creative Commons provides the sort of basic legal framework required for creative rights management in the digital age, sites like iStockPhoto provide low-cost resources that enable you to give your project that professional, quality touch… And I’m sure things will only get better.

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