The Rainbow Orchid book launch

Went up to London yesterday to the Rainbow Orchid book launch, held at the Gallery in Foyles, Charing Cross Road, put on by the nice people at Egmont. It soon became quite a crowded event:


You might just be able to spot Garen in that picture. It’s one of the few I took of him where he wasn’t blinking!

Not having been to a book launch before, I wasn’t sure if we were going to get a moment where someone cut a ribbon, smashed a bottle of champagne, opened the curtains on a little plaque, or whatever, but finally it came. Here’s a (rather grainy I’m afraid) pic of Garen just having been paid a massive (but deserved) compliment by Tim Jones of Egmont, and looking characteristically modest:


Finally, there were signings, and the giving away of posters, T-shirts and badges:


It’s thrilling to have the book in print and on sale. There’s been quite a buzz about the Rainbow Orchid for some time, and that’s only going to increase now it’s widely available. Keep up with Garen’s blog for more news — and, of course, buy a copy if you haven’t already!