The War Films Podcast

As a follow-up to the Adventure Films Podcast, Garen and I are embarking on a 10-episode War Films Podcast. Each episode , we discuss one of ten films, already listed over at the Adventure Films Podcast blog. First up is 1961’s The Guns of Navarone:

The Guns of Navarone


The Rainbow Orchid volume 3 out tomorrow

Tomorrow, the final part of The Rainbow Orchid, “the biggest adventure in comics”, comes out, and I can’t wait. Nor can others, apparently:


The Adventure Films Podcast

In April, my brother Garen put up a series of posts on Facebook listing his top ten favourite adventure films, which can be taken as a pretty good index of the filmic inspirations behind The Rainbow Orchid. Now he and I have started a series of podcast discussions of the ten films, beginning with the 1933 King Kong.

Find out more over at The Adventure Films Podcast blog, where you can download the first episode!