Alice at R’lyeh

Here’s a little project I’ve been working on for a while and now have finally got finished, including bells and whistles (i.e., a mini-website and an actual printed booklet). Alice at R’lyeh is the story of what happens when Lewis Carroll’s Alice finds herself in H P Lovecraft’s nightmare corpse-city R’lyeh, just in time for dread Cthulhu to start stirring from his sleep… Lovecraft and the Cheshire Cat turn up, too. And, as if the whole thing needs another nail in its coffin, it’s told in verse…

If your sanity can stand it, you can read the poem online, or download it as a PDF, and I have a small printing of booklets for sale, too. All at the Alice at R’lyeh mini-site.

Alice at R'lyeh

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  1. Pyroriffic says:

    Lawks (and probably a-mercy).

    I have gotten to your website through the most circuitous, unbelieveable route. It was a great adventure in time and space and…stuff.

    Anyway, be that as it may.

    I am hoping that you are the right Murray Ewing, otherwise I’m going to look a bit like a nugget. I have reason to believe (evidence suggests) that you and I shared the incredible joy of the experience that was ‘HV’ at Imberhorne. You probably won’t remember me – Sarah Bonnett (as was).

    But wow. I found someone I went to school with. Completely by accident.

    And I’m loving ‘Alice’…


    1. Murray says:

      Hi back! Yes, I am the Murray Ewing who was in HV. How many more Murray Ewings does the world need? There’s probably one too many as it is. (‘Incredible joy’? That must have been one of my days off! But ‘experience’ – yes…) And yes, I do remember you, Sarah. Hello!

  2. Pyroriffic says:

    ‘Incredible joy’ may (or may not) have been tainted with bitter sarcasm and extraordinarily un-fond memory…

    Awesome to have located you and to discover a kindred writing spirit…

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