Full Fathom Forty

The British Fantasy Society’s 40th anniversary anthology, Full Fathom Forty, edited by David J Howe, is out! I got my copy yesterday. And it’s a heavy tome. The picture on the right attempts to show just what a hefty book it is, at 496 pages. And I thought I’d mention it here because (ahem), I have a story in it, “Elven Brides”, which I’m thrilled about. There are forty authors represented in the book, in all, so if you have any liking for fantasy or horror fiction or poetry, you’re bound to find something to like here. I won’t mention them all, but I’m very, very happy to be in the same book as Ramsey Campbell, Kim Newman & Jonathan Carroll. I am looking forward to reading this book!

It can be bought direct from The British Fantasy Society, but also from Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and The Book Despository!


Full Fathom Forty lineup

Very excited to find I’m going to be in the British Fantasy Society’s 40th anniversary book, Full Fathom Forty. (In the year I celebrate my own personal fortieth anniversary, too!) And I’m really thrilled to find I’m in the company of some of my favourite authors. The full list of contributors is up at the BFS website, complete with ordering details. The book comes out in September.


“A Night as a Scarecrow” in BFS Journal, Spring 2011

My story “A Night as a Scarecrow” has been published in the latest Dark Horizons, part of the recently-combined BFS Journal, Spring 2011 issue (sent out to all British Fantasy Society members).

That’s the second story I’ve had published this year, which I have to say is a record! (And with the upcoming essay in the Colin Wilson book, I’m fairly steaming ahead.) To celebrate, I’ve recently added a bibliography to my site.