Star Wars day…

For Star Wars day…

Princess Leia by Murray Ewing


Princess Amidala by Murray Ewing

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  1. Linda says:

    Very good!

    And thanks for the notice on this being Star Wars day, too. I have been buried in the 1910s (writing and researching) for months now, so didn’t even know it was!

    I remember how blown away I was, when I first saw it. (Being a NASA space watcher, growing up, surely helped my interest in films in space.)

    Also, it was the first film I ever went to, without my parents. I don’t think they ever saw it.

  2. Murray Ewing says:

    Thanks, Linda. My first memory of Star Wars was seeing a clip of it on a kid’s film-related quiz show called Screen Test, where a clip of a film was shown and the contestants had to answer questions on it. The clip they showed was the take-off of the Millennium Falcon from Mos Eisley. I just knew I had to see that film!

  3. Aonghus Fallon says:

    Great artwork!

    Funnily enough, I was thinking about ‘Starwars’ this morning – specifically the comic of the same name that was published as a tie-in. The other stories in the comic were pretty far-out (or seemed so at the time). ‘Micronauts’ (our atoms are self-contained galaxies which it is possible to visit once you’ve been properly miniaturised) and ‘Warlock’ – (a hero travels to the distant future to overthrow his future evil self, now a powerful enchanter – a storyline which always makes me wonder if J.J. Abrams and I bought the same comics as kids).

    I started reading the comic between the first and second films in the trilogy. The comic did its best to expand on what had already been established in the first film while cautiously speculating about what lay ahead, but came a cropper with a storyline about the burgeoning romance between Skywalker and Leia.

    Also interesting how much difference a few years can make. I was thirteen when the first one came out and although I remember the film vividly, I don’t remember who bought me etc. However I was sixteen when the second film arrived and still remember sitting in a musty old fleapit of a cinema at the top of O’Connell Street (long since closed). There were two American girls sitting directly in front of me who jumped up and down and screamed every time Mark Hamill appeared on screen – in other words, they screamed and jumped A LOT. I guess it was a cultural thing.

  4. Linda says:

    Aonghus: That is funny about the Mark Hamill thing. I don’t remember that, but I guess there were lot of teens excited over him here in the states, but I didn’t see that in our town. Maybe it was more of a city thing, than country. (I became a Ford fan, myself, but always quiet about it, being older.)

    I was lucky. I got to see it in our one and only 1920s picture palace. All the staff still were required to wear uniforms, and be well groomed. (I do miss that. Give it that extra, going to something special feeling, for our $1.25 ticket, and the staff felt they were doing something special, and were extra polite and helpful.)

  5. Aonghus Fallon says:

    Well, Hans Solo IS way cooler than Luke Skywalker! I think that was the consensus at the time too, which made it even weirder. In those days, most cinemas in Dublin were like the one I described , so I don’t think my tatty surroundings reflected in any way on the films – which were/are seminal events.

  6. Garen says:

    Ooh – I missed these, absolutely fantastic 🙂

  7. Murray Ewing says:

    Thanks – thought you might like them!

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